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“Fancy Script”? My Most Popular Writing Style!

“Fancy Script”? My Most Popular Writing Style!

This post spotlights my most popular writing style…

Fancy Script - Calligraphy by Carrie

I think my “Fancy Script” is a favorite with my clients because it is so versatile.  I can write this style with extra flourishes, regular flourishes or minimal flourishes….in any ink color (bold, medium, fine, extra fine).  My “Fancy Script” works equally great on oversized wedding invitation envelopes as well as teeny-tiny save-the-date envelopes.  The style is easy to read, yet pretty. Elegant, but not stuffy.  It looks like a real person’s handwriting & feels personal.

Here is my “Fancy Script” with LOTS of flourishes!

My "Fancy Script" with extra flourishes - Calligraphy by Carrie

  Some clients prefer minimal flourishes – and I’m happy to oblige!

My "Fancy Script" with small flourishes - Calligraphy by Carrie

My “Fancy Script” style can be modified to complement a particular font.  In the photo below, you can see the modified letter “d”….pretty!

"Fancy Script" writing style - with modified lower case 'd'

The style works great in all colors of ink, including metallics:

"Fancy Script" in gold ink - Calligraphy by Carrie

"Fancy Script" in green ink - Calligraphy by Carrie

Grey is the new black! "Fancy Script" in grey ink - Calligraphy by Carrie


"Fancy Script" in purple ink - Calligraphy by Carrie

Only certain opaque inks will adhere to shimmer envelopes; most inks will smear with the slightest touch.  My “Fancy Script” writing style can be easily written with opaque paint pens…smudgeproof & waterproof on shimmer envelopes.

"Fancy Script" on shimmer envelope - Calligraphy by Carrie

“Fancy Script” looks great on place cards, escort cards & signs.  It can be written small or bold…

"Fancy Script" on escort tag - Calligraphy by Carrie


My "Fancy Script" in white ink on green tented escort cards...love!

Big & Bold "Fancy Script" on shimmer place cards...

How about these pretty place cards in taupe “Fancy Script”?

"Fancy Script" place card tags - Calligraphy by Carrie

And…”Fancy Script” looks pretty on reception signage (chalkboards, mirrors, paper….!)

"Fancy Script" Thank You Signs - Calligraphy by Carrie

Even my apprentice Hitch is partial to “Fancy Script”….

Hitch, the cat

If you’d like for me to address YOUR envelopes in “Fancy Script,” please visit the “FAQ” page on my website.

Best wishes!