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What’s New Now? These Writing Styles!

What’s New Now? These Writing Styles!

Howdy y’all!  (I even say “all y’all” from time to time……I was definitely born & raised in the South.)

I recently tried something new for a client…writing my “Fancy Script” style with a traditional calligraphy pen (not a monoline gel pen).  I like this look!

Fancy Script written with calligraphy nib - Calligraphy by Carrie


A client asked if I could do my Contempo writing style “larger & looser.”  Why, yes I can!   “Freestyle Contempo”…

Freestyle Contempo - Calligraphy by Carrie


I call this style “Celebration” …

Celebration Style - Calligraphy by Carrie

As a Breaking Bad fan I created this “Cracked Ice” writing style awhile ago….it hasn’t taken off with my clients (I can’t understand why….)

Cracked Ice

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