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Odds & Ends for 2012? Take a look!

Odds & Ends for 2012? Take a look!

Here’s my latest writing style.  “Garland.”  This style can be modified in a zillion ways.  Ink color, lettering style, spacing.  Perfect for save-the-dates, showers, rehearsal dinners.

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"Garland" Writing Style -

Here’s my “Shoreline” writing style – updated with my “Petite Contempo” writing style for the top line.  Don’t you love these anchor liners?

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"Shoreline" Writing Style -



My apprentice Hitch (orange kitty) is taking a nap on warm laundry, fresh from the dryer.  Here is Blossom, taking advantage of the vacancy on the top of my desk.  Blossom is old & grumpy, but she can be sweet when she wants to be.  I love her just the same.

"Blossom" - not my apprentice (too moody)

Here’s a WONDERFUL 2013 – full of beautiful envelopes & beautiful weddings!